A little about me

My name is Ellie Elizabeth and this is my blog for all things makeup, beauty, skincare and a little bit of fashion and lifestyle here and there. I’m a qualified Beauty Therapist and for the past few years I’ve worked for different salons and beauty companies just really getting to know the industry I love and to get myself out there. I have two absolutley gorgeous (at times, also a little crazy) children that I love so much my heart could burst because.. well.. there just awesome tiny humans that give me so much love and strength every single day. I’ve temporarily taken some time off from the working world at the moment to study full time at university for my degree in Beauty Therapy Management and I’ve also finally decided to start this blog I’ve been meaning to do forever. I have a crazy amount of love for makeup and I’m just a typical girl that just loves girly things really. I’m really looking forward to sharing my blog posts with you all, so.. watch this space.