The Body Shop Hemp Body Butter – Review

The Body Shop’s Hemp Body Butter was first recommended to me by a client of mine. At the time, I was suffering with insanely dry skin skin on my body so I was willing to give anything a try at this point. I went ahead and invested in some because in all honesty, my skin was awful and my client raved about the stuff so I thought why not. On first impressions, I didn’t like the smell and I still don’t like it. I’m sure there are people out there that do like the smell of this product but I personally don’t. I like my body products to have almost delicious smells (just to clarify, I don’t eat cosmetics, I just like them to smell super nice), so this was a bit disappointing for me. The actual product itself though was actually really effective at tackling my dry skin nightmare.

The Hemp Body Butter may not smell very appealing to me but it certainly made up for it in other ways. It feels super rich and moisturising on the skin and with constant use, I really noticed an improvement. My skin was so dry that it just seemed to ‘drink’ other skincare products almost as fast as I was applying them. It is quite a thick, rich product and it can feel quite heavy so that may put some people off, but for me this was perfect.

I also suffer from the odd spell of eczema and my skin can be rather sensitive to some products, so I feel it important to mention how kind this product is on sensitive, eczema prone skin. It didn’t irritate my eczema at all and since using this body butter on my skin, my eczema has pretty much vanished with no return. This was a massive plus for me because a lot of products I’ve tried in the past have tended to aggravate it more which made it a whole lot worse.

I do really like the product, It’s a great body butter though if you can stand it’s rather unique smell and it’s fantastically nourishing for dry skin. Despite the smell, I still use this product all the time because I just love how wonderful and soft it makes my skin feel. If you suffer with super dry, sensitive skin, or even eczema, it’s definitely a product I would recommend trying out – especially if your looking for results.

The Body Shop Hemp Body Butter – £15.00

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