Reflection: My first year as a university student

Last year, I made a huge decision to go back into education to study my chosen university course. I’ll be honest, I had mixed responses off people when I first shared the news, some were super supportive of the new path I was taking in life whilst others (a select few) were slightly confused or Read More

Jackson Reece – Kinder by Nature

Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature baby products provide a natural and affordable solution when it comes to searching for the kindest baby care products for your precious little ones. Jackson Reece was founded thirteen years ago by Janet and her husband Colin when their son developed a nasty case of eczema that was only irritated Read More

The Truth: The glamerous VS the not so glamorous when it comes to working in the beauty industry

A lot of people out there always assume that being a beauty therapist is a really glamorous job. I do love the industry I chose for a lot of different reasons but it does come with it’s ups and downs. I’ve always hated the misconception that some people have, they think we do nails all Read More

Graduation Day: Letter to Myself 

I am writing this letter for you to go back and read three years from now on the day of your twenty-nineteen graduation from university. If your reading this then well done mama! I knew you could do it! Through all the tough times, the good times, the bad times and those times of uncertainty. Read More

A little trip down memory lane..

A little late for this post but I’ve thinking about this a lot lately so here are my highlights of twenty-sixteen. I gave birth to the most awesome, perfect tiny little human. This is one hundred percent, without a doubt my favourite thing about Twenty-Sixteen by far. Although I spent most of the year, waddling Read More