Ellen Tracy Nude Liquid Lipstick Collection

Ellen Tracy makeup products are not actually something I’ve ever set eyes on before. As far as I know Ellen Tracy is a fashion brand stocked in house of frazer but that is as far as my knowledge goes. I recently took a shopping trip to TK Maxx and this Ellen Tracy nude liquid lipstick collection was something I just couldn’t walk away from. The set comes in a square, pink metallic tin that contains four attractive nude shades. I think what mainly attracted me to this was the fact that all the shades in this cute little set were lip colours I would wear. I’ve always found when I’ve purchased sets in the past, there will always be at least one product or shade that just doesn’t suit my style or one that I just can’t picture myself ever using. I really liked the fact I could see myself using all of these pretty nude’s and for a bargain price of just £4.99, it was certainly worth taking the risk and giving them a fair chance.

Ellen Tracy Nude Liquid Lipstick Collection

The packaging is really cute and girly, I love collecting tins, boxes etc. to organise my various bits in so I liked the fact it came in this rather than the alternative ‘throw away’ cardboard packaging. The lipsticks themselves are pretty easy on the eye, nice and simple packaging with both the brand and the shade stated on the tube.
The shades included in this adorable pink tin include:

Barea bold and beautiful beige nude

Nuditya gorgeous, dusky pink nude

Exposeda cheerful, rosey pink nude

Bold an ellegant, deep plum nude

Ellen Tracy Nude Liquid Lipstick Collection

All four of the lipsticks apply really well, the applicator is pretty decent, especially when you consider the product’s price tag. The coverage has been really impressive and the consistency of the formula is pretty spot on too. They arn’t too drying on the lips either if I’m honest, and I was actually really expecting them to be so I was pleasantly surprised by this. The lasting power of this liquid lipstick has also wowed me, I’ll apply it at the start of my day, I’ll eat, drink etc throughout the day and the product has always stayed firmly put. I’ve had so many compliments since I’ve been wearing these little beauts too, my best friend actually ran to her local TK Maxx to bag this neat little set before they sold out (She got the last one in store too!). If I had to be really picky (and I mean really, really picky), I would say that you do need to give your lips a bit of a rub to remove the product but it’s not a major issue, just something I thought was worth mentioning.

My favourite two shades for everyday wear would have to be Bare and Nudity because they give such an adorable pop of pretty colour to any daytime look. Exposed is a gorgeous and girly pink shade that I completely adore, perfect for a girls night out or even a girls night in. Bold is a nice, deep plum colour that I have to admit has really stolen my heart too, this one would be the perfect shade for evenings out or special occasions. When I’m in a more adventurous mood, I would even wear this one in the daytime teamed with the right outfit – in fact I could wear them all, all year round, for any occasion because I truley love all four of them.

Ellen Tracy Liquid Lipstick Collection

Ellen Tracy Nude Liquid Lipstick Collection

I’m really glad I actually found these hidden little gems on my shopping trip, they were definitely worth more than my money’s worth, I regret nothing. I found this set in the TK Maxx store’s makeup section, in fact TK Maxx has a number of bargain beauty buys at present so It’s certainly worth checking them out. It is however unfortunate that this set isn’t available for purchase on their online website (which is a bit dissapointing) so you would need to pop down to your local store for one of these – they are totally worth it though! I’ve certainly been won over by them, they are the perfect beauty buy if your on a budget and for such a great price, you really can’t complain.

Ellen Tracy Nudes Liquid Lipstick Collection – £4.99 – TK MAXX

Love Always, Ellie Elizabeth

14 thoughts on “Ellen Tracy Nude Liquid Lipstick Collection

  1. Corinne & Kirsty says:

    This set looks amazing! I love the packaging and the pigments are so strong and great! I didn’t know this brand before but I am glad you made me discover it! thanks for sharing! xx corinne

  2. abbeylouisarose says:

    Wow, this seems like a real steal! I absolutely love TKMAXX for makeup, you never know what you’re going to find, and sometimes you come across some real gems! The coverage of these lipsticks looks fab – thanks for swatching them too, I find that so valuable in a makeup post! I think the red shade is definitely my favourite, it’s very classy!

    Abbey ? http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  3. Ain SB says:

    What a bargain! My colour would be Bold but all the others (maybe except Exposed) are nice too. I’m going to have a look in my local TK Maxx tomorrow. Hehe. Thank you for sharing. x Ain

    • Ellie Elizabeth | Make It Up. says:

      I think Bold has to me my favourite colour for everyday wear, it’s a gorgeous nude shade. It’s certainly worth taking a look, I really hope you can grab yourself one – I’m keeping an eye out for more of these myself because they would make a fab gift :).

      Ellie Xx

  4. Natalie Benton says:

    Aww this post made me think of my mom; she used to wear Ellen Tracy’s perfume. Anyway….. amazing bargain for £4.99! I’d pick it up, too, to see how good they are. I LOVE Bare; it’s so pretty. Also, love your pics. Definitely inspiration for me to get my butt in gear and do better pics haha

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