Graduation Day: Letter to Myself 

I am writing this letter for you to go back and read three years from now on the day of your twenty-nineteen graduation from university. If your reading this then well done mama! I knew you could do it! Through all the tough times, the good times, the bad times and those times of uncertainty. Happy graduation to you, you finally got your degree, I bet your friends and family are super proud of you. All your hard work has finally payed off, I know there were times where it felt like you couldn’t do it, like it was impossible, but you worked hard and you got through it. I hope you are proud of yourself too and what you have achieved over the past few years, I hope that you are happy and have grown as a person because I know those goals were so close to your heart.

Your children must of grown up so much since this letter was written, your oldest will be eight years old and your youngest will be three years old. I hope they are proud of their mummy and what she has achieved as I know they give you so much inspiration and love day in day out. The future looked bright for you and your little family at the time of this letter, but I know you were worried underneath, I hope you can by now see your potential and I sincerely hope that you have a much more positive outlook on what’s to come. L will be chatting away by now I should think! I wonder what he’s like now, what his little personality is like, how he has grown, how he has changed. J will be just starting year three at school, I bet you are super proud of him, he’s a wonderful kid and I bet he’s so grown up and Independant right now. I’m sure your two boys are still the best of friends and that their friendship continues to blossom as each day goes by.

I hope that you have found the strength to forgive those who have wronged you, I hope that you held your head high and knew that you did the right thing. I hope you havnt lost touch with those that are close to you, that you have kept those who love you close to your heart because those are the people that have supported you and helped you back up when you’ve fallen. I hope that you are thankful for the people that you have in your life at this point, the opportunities youve been given and I also hope that you don’t have too many regrets. Every step you’ve taken up until this point has been a step closer to your dreams and it doesn’t stop here, you need to keep going and most importantly, you need to keep dreaming that dream. You are a super mom and your doing amazing things, keep aiming high and you will get to where you want to be.

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