Invisibobble – The Traceless Hair Ring – Review

Invisibobble has got to be the best hair bobble invention ever in my opinion. This little, absolute gem of a hair accessory allows you to tie your hair up without the risk of pulling and hair breakage which you would get from using a regular elasticated hair bobble. I am reviewing the invisibobble original but different types are available like the invisibobble nano. They are also available in different colours although I went for clear purely because clears going to match with everything right? The traceless concept of these hair rings isn’t so much that they will look invisible, but more the fact they won’t leave any damage to your hair and they also won’t leave any tell tail signs such as kinks when you take them out. I’ve been using these for a good few months now and I’ve got to say it, I am totally converted to these now! I don’t use regular, elasticated hair bobbles at all anymore after being introduced to these little beauties.

I have got to admit though, I wasn’t so sure when I first herd about these. I thought they wouldn’t grip the hair as well or the spiral design of them would just look silly on me. As somebody who has worked in the beauty industry, my hair always had to be up and out of the way for hygiene reasons when I was at work. I used to literally die inside when I used to pull my hair bobble out at the end of the working day only to feel that dreaded pull and see some of my hair come with it. It was awful and it was time for a change so I was on the look out to solve this problem I was having. At first I was trying hair oils, masks etc. Obvcourse these sorts of things are super good to improve the health and overall look of your hair but this still wasn’t solving my hair bobble issue.

When I put work to one side and decided to start my journey towards my degree, I didn’t technically have to wear my hair up all the time anymore. I guess the hair up habit sort of stuck and being the busy momma that I am – having to juggle parenthood with everything else – the top knot became my every day hair do. If your a mom to small children like me you will also know very well that having your hair down is just no way practical what so ever. It then occurred to me after I discovered the invisibobble that the breakage issue probably stemmed from having my hair up twenty-four-seven.

I decided to give invisibobble a try and I am so glad that I did because – no word of a lie – it solved my issue as soon as I started using these. They are so easy to use and they feel really secure when in place. They don’t slip down at all when worn for a long period of time and I actually feel like these give my pony tail a lot more volume than a regular hair bobble does. They arnt completely fool proof though, they do pull a tiny bit on my hair when I’ve taken them out but it’s nothing compared to what I was previously experiencing and my hair no longer comes with the bobble as it comes out which was a massive concern to me.

I absolutley love love love invisibobble and I can’t ever see me going back to how I was before. They are more expensive to buy than your average pack of cheap hair bands but in my opinion they are totally worth it. It’s also worth noteing that these hair rings are alot stronger than your average hair bobble and are therefore less likely to beak on you. I am personally a huge fan of invisibobble and I would highly recommend to absolutley anyone experiencing the same issues that I did.
Get the Invisibobble traceless hair ring here for £4.75.

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