Why MAC Studio Fix Fluid has always been my fave foundation for flawless, full coverage

When I first started shopping with MAC, I was a beauty student at college and to be honest I didn’t have a clue about makeup. I was just starting to learn about makeup application and that’s when my interest in the various makeup brands out there started to develop. I mean, I’d used the odd thing like urban decay eyeshadows and their heavy metal glittery eyeliners but I was really inexperienced with the whole makeup thing back then. I had dry/combination skin at that time and I didn’t have a high makeup budget so I tried some cheaper brands which crusted around my dry spots and just completley slipped off in the oily places so it just wasn’t a good look for me. My mom was a clinique fanatic (and still is, to be fair) so since i first started using foundation I would be gifted a clinique foundation for birthdays and Christmas. The clinique foundation (can’t for the life of me remember which one or even if they still sell it) really worked but makeup eventually runs out and when that happened, I was back on my search for an affordable foundation.

In all honesty, I had really low self confidence a few years ago and I used to use makeup to basically cover everything up so I did go through quite a lot of foundation in particular. The reality of this was, I thought I was making myself look better but I was in fact, making myself look even worse by caking the stuff on like it was going out of fashion. When I got a job and started earning my own money on a monthly basis, at this point I had learned a few things about makeup from my beauty course, so I decided to go decent foundation shopping. I went to a MAC store and in all honesty had a terrible first experience, the shop assistant was rushed, I was pushed into buying a random foundation without really seeing what it was like. I trusted that this girl knew what she was talking about but she clearly didnt at all whatsoever because it looked awful on me. My new foundation made me look like a tangerine, so it actually put me off MAC products for quite some time.

I decided to go back and I spoke to the most wonderfully, talented gentlemen. He was so helpful and agreed the foundation I was previously given was the complete wrong colour and totally unsuitable for my skin type. I spent a fortune in MAC that day purely because this makeup artist was so helpful! There’s that saying, that people don’t invest in businesses, they invest in people and I believe in that circumstance that was so true. So anyway, I purchase the studio fix fluid NW15 and this foundation literally changed my life! Not even kidding. I’d gone from flakey, patchy foundation face to glowing, flawless face overnight. The day I started buying that foundation was not just an investment in the product, but also an investment in my self confidence. When I started wearing the studio fix fluid, other people really noticed the difference too, and that really encouraged me to be comfortable in my own skin. I’ve never felt the need to change to any other foundations because I’m so happy with the one I currently use. I’ll try samples of other foundations just to feed my curiosity of how well others stack up against the mine, but to date my loyalty still lies with my holy grail of a foundation. I love it because, it’s so damn easy to build up your coverage bit by bit, without it feeling heavy on the skin or looking cakey in appearence.

It’s still my favourite foundation for coverage, four years after first using it and since I started blogging this year, I couldn’t not write about this gem of a makeup product. It comes in a simple black box  (love makeup that comes in boxes, no idea why) and the actual foundation comes in a clear, glass bottle with a black lid. The appearence of the product, like all MAC products in my opinion, is professional looking and just looks so damn smart sat on the dressing table. The foundation itself, is a liquid foundation that’s not too thin or too thick, it is just the right consistency to work with when I’m applying it to my face with a foundation brush. This product truly gives my skin an airbrushed finish and I also feel that my skin became much better (less nasty break outs) since I changed to it. I do now have a much better skincare routine these days, so the better skin thing could always just be that, but I like to think that it’s both. I’m not against cheaper brands of makeup, hell I’m all for afforable makeup! Cheaper foundations probably work well for a lot of people, but they’ve just never really worked for me personally. I’ve just never really got on with any that I could truly, honestly say ‘yeah! that’s a great product’.

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