A little trip down memory lane..

A little late for this post but I’ve thinking about this a lot lately so here are my highlights of twenty-sixteen.

I gave birth to the most awesome, perfect tiny little human.

This is one hundred percent, without a doubt my favourite thing about Twenty-Sixteen by far. Although I spent most of the year, waddling around getting humongous, the end result of holding that tiny human-being in my arms was so worth it. It was a magical moment, but the best part was when my five year old met our new addition for the first time. He was in total ore of his new baby brother and couldn’t wait to take him home after waiting so long to finally meet him. My family was complete and I had been blessed with two gorgeous, healthy children, I was so so so thankful for that and I always will be.

My oldest turned 5 and started big school.

This is the day that every momma out there without a doubt, turns into an emotional wreck – your child’s first day at school. I thought I was going to be okay with it because my child was used to going to nursery beforehand but, I just wasn’t, I just couldn’t control my anxiety and I was also a bit overwhelmed by it all. My baby boy was growing up before my very eyes and he was so brave and excited to be going to school. I had to fight back the tears in front of him because I wanted him to feel comfortable about the whole going to school thing and I didn’t want him to see his mummy sad. It was really me who needed some comforting though, my five year old was so much braver than me! He just wanted to get stuck in and meet his teacher and class mates. When I picked him up from the school, he had some very positive feedback (especially about the Jam Sponge pudding!). He enjoyed meeting all his friends and the teacher said he got on absolutely great and he really enjoyed himself. I spent the whole day worrying for absolutely nothing because my little superhero wasn’t worried at all and he ended up having a fantastic first day. He loves going to school and I’m so happy he’s growing into such a beautiful, kind and independent little dude with his own developing hopes and dreams.

I enrolled as a University student.

I had been wanting to do this for so long but I just fell into the working world and didn’t really see going back into education ever happening for me. After I went on maternity leave from work, I had plenty of time to explore my options and see what courses were out there for me. I decided to apply just to ‘see what happened’ and I got back an unconditional offer for my first choice university for my chosen course in Beauty Therapy Management (yay, awesome). I enrolled onto my course and I’m now a dedicated university student, following my dreams so I can continue to grow in my career, passion and life. It is difficult at times, especially with two small children, but I still think it was a super decision for me. I’m working my way through my first year and so far I feel I’m doing pretty damn great! I’m hitting my deadlines, getting good grades and I’ve already met so many new, amazing people.

I learned to maintain positivity, despite the negatives and I learned to give my time to the right people.

In Twenty-Sixteen, I realised that there was a lot of people I’d put a huge amount of my time into and weren’t giving anything back. I love to help people, offer a listening ear and be a shoulder to cry on if I’m needed. All I want in return is a bit of appreciation but unfortunately I came to realise there are a lot of selfish and inconsiderate people out there. I decided to leave those people behind and concentrate on the people who were important in my life, my children, partner, friends and my family. This was a massive break through for me because I’d spent to much time being ‘too nice’ and helping the wrong people. I am now content with the people I have in my life and I look forward to growing existing as well as building new friendships as I move forward. I’ve learned to forget the negatives and hold on to the positive people and experiences in my life so I can continue to grow and develop as a person.

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