No7 Core Collection Brush Set + Contour & Highlighter Brush Review

No 7 Core Collection Brush Set

The Boots No 7 Core Collection brush set is the perfect addition to my makeup stash. The set includes a foundation brush, concealer brush, blusher brush and an eye colour brush so the set contains everything you need for a good, basic makeup brush collection. The set also comes with a black faux leather brush storage pouch which has 4 spare brush pockets so you have the option to add more brushes to your collection if you would like to. I actually really like the fact that you can do this as I’ve had sets in the past that have only had enough brush storage pockets for the original brushes it comes with so it’s nice that this one allows you to store more brushes as you expand your brush collection.

Foundation Brush

This foundation brush works so well for me when it comes to applying my MAC studio fix fluid foundation. It blends my foundation lovley and doesn’t leave those streaky brush marks like some other foundation brushes on the market do.

Concealer Brush

I’m really liking this concealer brush, I love it’s shape and how easy it is to use. It’s definatley one of the better concealer brushes I’ve used, it’s the perfect shape to target those dark circles and it blends concealer beautifully. This brush also works really well when used to highlight my cupids bow, underneath my brows and down the centre of my nose.

Blusher Brush

I do think this is a lovley blusher brush – it is just so soft – it feels like a dream on my skin. The only down side to this brush for me is the fact that I’ve normally always gone for angled shaped brushes to apply my blusher because I personally feel an angled brush gives better results. I do still really like this brush though because it’s a really nice quality brush and it’s still a pleasure to use and gives some awesome results.

Eye Colour Brush

This eye colour brush is sturdy but still really soft on the skin and it can be used with both cream and powder shadows. It’s not the best eyeshadow brush I’ve ever used but it still gives great results and it’s also a nice sized brush that’s not to big or to small.

Get Boots No 7 Core Collection Brush Set here

No 7 Highlight & Contour Brush
The Boots No 7 Highlight & Contour Brush is another great addition to add to any growing makeup brush collection. It’s a double ended brush which I think is just fabulous, in fact I’m just totally in love with the concept of a double ended highlight and contour brush in general. I feel this way purely because you can use the angled brush end to effortlessly contour and add definition to your face or you can use the ‘dome’ shaped end of the brush to give yourself a natural glow by highlighting areas such as your cheekbones, brown bone and the centre of your nose. This brush isn’t the cheapest contour brush on the market but it certainly isn’t the most expensive either. I would say this is a decent highlight and contour brush that’s conveniently double ended, therefore allowing you to give yourself a professional, flawless finish.

If your looking for a decent highlighter and contour brush then this is definatley the makeup brush for you. It blends product effortlessly and the fact that it’s double ended comes in really handy when swapping between highlighting and contouring. I would say this is a really useful makeup brush to have in any makeup brush collection wether your a beginner or a pro at contouring techniques.

Get Boots No 7 Contour & Highlighter Brush here

In all honesty I adore these brushes! I especially think that they are a really good purchase for any makeup beginners out there looking for a basic makeup brush collection to start off with. The Core Collection brush set retails at £23.00 and the Contour & Highlighter Brush retails at £14.00 (prices correct on 23/01/2017). Boots also have an offer on at the moment for ‘Buy one get the second half price on selected No 7 cosmetics’ so if you purchased both of these items together at Boots, the Highlight & Contour Brush would only cost you £7.00 which is half the price it normally retails at (offer correct on 23/01/2017).

What makeup brushes do you use? Is there a particular brand of makeup brushes you just can’t pull yourself away from? Let me know in the comments section below.

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