NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette Review

Oh my! I’m a little bit crazy in love with this palette. If you’ve read my previous posts you will know that it is my makeup goal in twenty-seventeen to really have a play with facial contouring, try some awesome products and see what I come up with.

This is my first time using a palette because in the past, I’ve always used a cool coloured bronzer as a contour shade (or a ‘shader’ as it was referred to when I trained in makeup application) and cream based highlighters to contour/highlight the face. A powder contour palette is certainly a new concept for me. I have been making excuses to myself forever about how I don’t have the time to contour and highlight my exhausted mom face. This little beauty though, it’s the definition of effortless! No word of a lie guys, it’s the best thing since bread and butter. It is so easy to use even if you don’t have the slightest clue about contouring and a pleasure to use and experiment with if your a total expert.

When I first tried this I got so excited about it, the selection of 8 shades to choose from, the quality, everything really. I think my other half thought I’d finally lost my marbles when I turned into a crazy makeup lady, pointing at my face like “look how defined my features are!” (He really didn’t understand what the hell I was talking about). I was mostly impressed with what I payed for it, I think that’s my favourite thing because it only costs £18.00 and you can also buy the seperate refills. It’s a totally affordable option and I would say the results are rather good. When I was having a nosey at all the palettes/kits on offer, I chose this one to try purely because of the glowing reviews and the amount of choice for the price.

I was so right to get this because it’s really boosted my confidence. I’ll be sonic speed, slapping on my face for the school run (as you do when you’ve got a 9 month old baby in one arm and your 5 year olds having a mini breakfast strike because he wanted coco pops instead of the weetabix in front of him) and this really gives my daily makeup that boost its been lacking. The fact it’s powder means that it’s really easy to apply however suttle or dramatic you want and it’s also extremely quick to blend. The colour I’ve found is easily buildable and I’ve achieved some great results. I’m quite pale skinned naturally, but I’ve managed to have a go with all 8 of the shades to contour/highlight with. Anybody with a deeper skin tone could use this too, you would just need to build up the product to achieve the desired end result your looking for. There is alot of pigment in these powders but the only thing I would say about blending them is that with these, you have to blend as you go, so you need to blend the shades quite quickly after application in order to achieve the best outcome. I actually really love the banana coloured powder in the set as a highlighter, I would go to say this is one of my favourite highlighters with in the set. The fact you get 8 different shades to play with is definatley a bonus. There has got to be something for everybody with the choice in shades that are there for you to pick from when using this palette. It’s so good for the price and I’m definatley a fan of this highlight and contour palette.

I would say that if your looking for an affordable contour palette, I would highly recommend this option. Also, if your a newbie to the world of highlighting and contouring, I would say it is the perfect starter kit. This palette doesn’t come with an applicator so I would advise if you do get this palette, get yourself a good contouring/highlighting brush to use with it.

Get the NYX Professional Highlight and Contour Pro Palette Here

Let me know your thoughts and please feel free to tell me what your favourite contour/highlighter products are.


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