Younique Kit Look!

This morning I’ve had a play with the Younique presenters kit and I’ve used some of my favourite products out of it to create this gorg look.

What a Complete transformation right?

I’m going to talk you through all the wonderful products and techniques I used, as well as how I created this look right the way from bare faced to selfie ready!

Interested? Then keep reading..

SO.. first off I cleansed my face and prepped it for makeup application.

I used my regular MAC primer and MAC foundation which – just to clarify – are not included in the Younique Presenters kit (obviously, because they’re MAC products). I just went with my own regular foundation and primer to blend away all those blemishes so I could get on with my Younique makeup look.

So now I’ve got the Base to my makeup look and it’s time to play! 

I started with my eyes and chose a Base shade of ‘honest’ from Younique’s Moodstruck Addiction Palette followed by a choice of shade ‘cheerful’ to blend with it. I chose these colours as I have dark green eyes and colours like this just make my green eyes pop!

Firstly I applied my chosen base colour to my eyelid using the Younique Angled Shadow/Sponge Brush

I then applied ‘cheerful’ from the palette to blend with ‘honest’ to create a two toned shadow look.

After the shadow was blended how I wanted it, it was time to make a start on those brows of mine.

I chose the ‘Brave’ shade from the Moodstruck Addiction Palette to define my eyebrows. I used my own angled brow/shadow brush (had it since I studied makeup at college!) to softly build up colour on the brow and create my desired finish. I then finished off, by highlighting underneath the arch of my brow using the ‘Tender’ shade from the palette (it works as a beautiful highlighter).


I defined my lash line using the Moodstruck Precision Eyeliner Pencil in ‘Proper’ and I have to say, it is such a pleasure to use this liner. This Liner is a lovley deep shade of brown and glides on beautifully as you use it (it’s deffinatley one to go in my everyday makeup bag).


It was time for me to give my Lashes some attention so I went straight for the newly formulated Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara in the kit.

I combed through my lashes, applied the transplanting gel and proceeded to apply the lash fibers. This creates such a bold and brilliant lash look! You can build it up as much or as little as you want depending on how intense you want your Lashes to look. Absolutley fabulous product, I’ve tried so many mascara’s from top high street brands but this Fiber lash mascara technique is really impressive in terms of the end result it gives.


I just couldn’t wait to finally play with the Splash Liquid Lipstick by Younique! The colour ‘Sentimental’ is just absolutley lush and I’d herd nothing but great things about this lip product. This applies like an absolute dream to your lips and the colour is beautifully intense. The Splash lipstick would give the edge to any makeup look and it stays on great! You don’t even need to use much product to build the colour up!


And .. Wallah!
Here’s the finished result.


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*Disclaimer: I am a registered younique presenter and this post contains links to my independent younique website. Please read the full disclaimer for Make It Up Beauty Blog here.

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