Younique – New Products Coming Soon + Last Goodbyes to Some of Our Favourite Collections

As your all probably aware if you’ve read my previous posts, I recently joined Younique as a White Status Presenter. I was just really drawn in by the fantastic value of the kit and who doesn’t like bagging themselves a good bargain? I originally wanted to just be a kit napper but after trying the products for myself, I could really see the magic in the products I had before me. Do I absolutely love every single product? No, obviously I don’t. If I said I did I would be lying. I do on the other hand adore a wide range of what younique has to offer and I love love love the amazing work ‘The Younique Foundation‘ has managed to do for victims of sexual abuse. So when we support Younique, we are also supporting all the amazing things they are doing in the Younique Foundation, helping support presenters to grow within their company and reach their goals, as well as get our hands on some absolutely fabulous makeup. Everybody wins!

I do truly believe in this company and I’m glad that I can educate you all on exactly what fab things Younique have to offer. I created this blog so I could write about what I love most. I wanted to write about my favourite beauty and skincare products on the market, as well as a little bit of fashion here and there. I will most definitely be sharing my passion for my favourite Younique products on this blog along with all my other favourites from across the rapidly growing beauty and skincare market.

Anyway, enough of my rambling because I am here today to talk to you about some of the many awesome things Younique are sending our way in twenty-seventeen.

Out with the old!

Corprate have recently announced that Younique will be saying goodbye to some of their much loved products this year. Now will be the last chance for us to buy these collections and they’ve got a variety of brand spanking new product’s ready and waiting to amaze us this year. The Beauty Arsenal collection, the Most Wanted collection and the Younique Royalty collection will all be retiring and the best bit is, all the collections mentioned above have got some gorgeous extras thrown in just to make them even more tempting.

Shop the Beauty Arsenal collection here to get your hands on £214.00’s worth of makeup goodies for just £145.00. Plus you also get a Moodstruck Minerals Pressed Blusher in any colour and a Blusher brush thrown in completely free.

Shop the Most Wanted collection here to grab yourself a makeup bundle full of all our Younique favourites. This collection is worth £172.00 but you can get it for just £115.00 with a free Splash Liquid Lipstick and either a Moodstruck Precision Lip or Eyeliner Pencil, both in the colours of your choice.

Shop the Younique Royalty collection here to give your skin that ultimate royalty experience. This fabulously luxurious skincare collection is valued at £317.00 but it can be all yours for just £236.00, that’s a massive saving. When you purchase this collection you’ll also get a completely free Splurge Cream Shadow and a Lip Bon Bons Tinted Lip Balm in the colours of your choice thrown into the mix to make this deal all the more special.

In with the new!

We have some exciting new products coming our way starting from March this year and I have been so excited to talk about this. If your thinking about taking on a fantastic new Journey and starting your own business as an independent presenter, then listen up my lovelies! You’ll be able to get all the amazing new products due for release in March from February 15th. So if you just can’t wait to get your hands on these gorgeous new products, this is definitely the month to join up. Remember if you join you have no obligation to sell and you get a fantastic kit for half the price of what it would normally cost plus the opportunity to get your hands on all the new products early.

Please note that the limited edition Younique tablet was a complete sell out and is no longer available with the kit. The good news is that Younique’s fantastically amazing kit will still be available with everything else, including the gorgeous limited edition, purple makeup organiser bag up until March.

Touch á la mode Luminizer

Wow, wow, wow. I am just loving the look of this collection of highlighters to brighten up your best features and give you that flawless look you could normally only dream of. Blend to perfection with the beautiful new Touch á la mode Cream, Powder and Cream to powder illiminiser’s available soon.





































Create your own best light with an extremely versatile line of highlighters that give you a vibrant, illuminated finish. The brilliant, blendable cream, cream to powder, and powder luminizers will quickly make it onto your makeup must-have list – Younique


Moodstruck Brow Obsession Palette

How to create the perfect brow seems to be a question we are all asking ourselves these days more and more frequently. Some of us have mastered that perfect arch and some of us are still looking for the best solution. This brow palette looks like it could be the ticket to having the brow wow factor this year, in all honesty, I think this could be my favourite new product launching in March.

Perfect your brows with five versatile products to sculpt, define, highlight, and set your brows in one mirrored compact. Light and dark sculpting powders, matte and shimmer highlighters, and a setting wax give a high-impact look to match your mood – Younique

Touch Behold Translucent Setting Powder

I am so happy that Younique have decided to release a Translucent Setting Powder this year. This product will be perfect for setting your beautifully made up face so that you can take on the day looking and feeling your very best.

Lock and load your makeup for a flawless, photo-ready finish. Our weightless setting powder gives sheer natural coverage and blurs the look of imperfections while helping makeup stay in place. Get skin that’s silky, soft, and set for any adventure ahead – Younique 


Touch Behold Setting Spray

This setting spray looks amazing, it’s going to be the ideal solution for making your makeup last through your busy day. With a quick spritz throughout your day (or evening), this product is said to give you that freshly applied makeup appearance for hours. It has also been said that you can even use this with a primer to give yourself a refining, matte look. Absolute lasting perfection.






























Lock in your look for lasting power with Younique’s Touch Behold Setting Spray. Our ultrafine mist sets makeup while hydrating, helping you keep your face in place all day long – Younique 


New colours/shades available for existing Younique products!

Younique Stiff Upper lip stain will be adding 6 new gorgeous colours to its collection from peachy nude, to vibrant pink, to deep purple.

Moodstruck Opulence Lip Stick will be adding 3 new shades of purple to the collection as well as a new standout bright coral lipstick.

Splurge Cream Shadow will be introducing 6 new matte cream shadow shades. One luxuriously, velvetty matte shade will be released per month from March twenty-seventeen.

New Makeup Brushes!

Younique have blessed us with some fabulous new makeup brushes coming our way very soon!

The fan brush will be the perfect tool to lightly blend highlighter’s, bronzer’s and powder’s to create that flawless finish.

The Powder/Concealer brush will be a conveniently double ended makeup tool. This brush is made with synthetic, micro-crystal fibers in order to allow you to blend, conceal and smooth your way to airbrushed perfection.

The Brow Artist Brush is another super double ended makeup tool coming our way very soon! This one will allow you to get the most expert precision when applying your wax, highlighters and brow shades. This new Brow Artist Brush and the Moodstruck Brow Obsession Palette will make the perfect pair to create those perfect brows.

What newly launching Younique products will you be excited for this year?


Let me know in the comment section below.


*Disclaimer: I am a registered younique presenter and this post contains links to my independant younique website. Please read the full disclaimer for Make It Up Beauty Blog here.

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