Younique Presenters Kit

I was so exited to blog about this, I just couldn’t wait!

So recently, I was chatting to my best friend and she’d just recieved her order off the postman for a kit full of Younique makeup worth £219.00! (Price correct as of 19/01/2017) That sounds like alot of money to spend in one go on makeup right? Wrong. She told me she only had to pay £69.00 (Price correct as of 19/01/2017) for that fabulous peice of kit! Good value for money or what?!

She later on came round with the kit to my house for a visit and we just HAD to have a play with all the fantastic products she recieved for such a good price. Seems to good to be true right? Maybe the quality of the products isn’t so good? Wrong and wrong again. I have managed to try some of the makeup in the kit and I can safely say the quality of these products is AMAZING. This kit was most certainly sold to me after seeing how gorgeous these products actually were for myself and now all I wanted to know was where do I sign up to get one of these?

My lovley friend gave me all the information and I snapped one of these up straight away! My next job was waiting impatiently for it to arrive and now, finally it has! When the postman knocked the front door with my parcel I nearly jumped the poor guy I was that exited! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on everything and have a play!

Still with me?

So, to get this kit all you have to do is find a younique presenter to sponsor you (I used my best friend as my sponsor), fill in the online registration form (you will be asked to provide your national insurance number in order to be payed my Younique if you decide to roll with the business as a Younique presenter) and finally fill out your payment details in order to pay the £69.00 for the presenters kit and sit tight for it to arrive. Simples.

When you buy the Younique Presenters kit and register as a Younique presenter you have no obligation to run with the business. You can purely just be a kit napper and just have the the kit all to yourself for keeps for that extremely low price considering what the products in the kit are actually retailed at on Younique’s online store. If you do on the other hand see the great opportunities and potential of being a younique presenter, then the kit provides everything you need in order to pursue that dream! Your younique sponsor will be more than happy to help, the support network with in this business is incredible and your also provided with your own website so you can host virtual parties, keep up to date with your business, enhance your business skills with the ‘Youniversity’, keep track of your orders and your also able to track your progress as a presenter.

Kit napping‘ is what I originally planned to do but after checking out all the products and receiving my kit, running with the business deffinatley became an appealing option to me.

What’s in the kit?

(prices correct as of 19/01/2017)

  • Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ RRP £23.00
  • Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette 4 (palette may vary) RRP £38.00
  • Angled Shadow Sponge/Brush RRP £12.00
  • Splurge Cream Shadow – Extravagant RRP £21.00
  • Cream Shadow Brush RRP £12.00
  • Splash Liquid Lipstick – Sentimental RRP £21.00
  • Moodstruck Lip Exfoliator RRP £16.50
  • Royalty Time Correcting Night Cream RRP £38.00
  • Royalty Detoxifying Mask Sample Sachet (3)
  • Royalty Instant Lifting Serum 3ml Sample Tubes (2)
  • Royalty Shine Cleansing Cloths RRP £16.00
  • Moodstruck Precision Lip Liner Pencil – Peachy RRP £12.00
  • Moodstruck Precision Eyeliner Pencil – Proper RRP 12.00
  • Younique Branded, Purple Faux Leather Make-up Organiser Bag
  • White Status Presenter Charm
  • Touch Liquid Foundation Sample Card
  • Presenter Guide
  • Younique Catalog
  • Zen Print Promotion Card
  • Presenter Tablet (These are subject to availability and once they are gone, they’re gone)

The tablet included in the kit is basically a media player and this fun little gadget allows you to upload your own content in order to use it for your business purposes if you so wish to.(tablets are still available in the kit at the time this blog post was published)

Amazing value for money or what?! And all of that (£219.00 worth) can be all yours for just £69.00! Regardless of wether you decide to run with the business or just take the kit and run!

I especially just love the make-up Organiser Bag it all comes in, it’s absolutley gorgeous. I’m also adoring the newly formulated Fiber Lashes Mascara, my Lashes looked so incredible wearing this and I got so many compliments. You can have your Lashes looking as Natural or as Glam as you want! Lastly I am absolutley crazy for the Splash Liquid Lipstick, the colour just pops and the coverage aswell as its wearing time is soooooo good.

I just HAD to share this with you! If you are interested in either kit napping or starting your journey as a Younique presenter, I would love for you to be a part of my team and I would be more than happy to sponsor you lovley’s in order for you to sign up. Follow the link below and get registered to recieve this fantastic Younique Presenters kit for just £69.00! Including everything you need in order to start your own business.

Become a Younique presenter

Please also feel free to grab yourself a glass of wine (or whatever you like to drink), relax and follow the link provided below to take a look at my Younique website so you can check out all the fabulous products Younique has to offer (Mabey even get yourself a treat or two if you feel like it!).

Younique by Ellie

Still not sure if Younique is for you? I’ll be reviewing and blogging  all about my favourite products from the kit so watch this space.

Lastly, my advice to you as not just a beauty professional with in the industry, but also as a human being is to take advantage of that kit guys! Honestly, it’s incredible for the price! If your a makeup lover like me and you also love a good bargain, this kit is soooooo worth it!

*Disclaimer: I am a registered younique presenter and this post contains links to my independent younique website. Please read the full disclaimer for Make It Up Beauty Blog here.

2 thoughts on “Younique Presenters Kit

  1. Danielle says:

    Such a bargain! And the products are all so amazing ?
    I’m definitely now a younique covert… My next purchase is the amazing foundation and brush!xxx

    • Ellie says:

      Glad you like the products Danielle! I havn’t had the chance to try out the foundation myself but I’ve herd it gives absolutley fabulous coverage :).

      Ellie Xx

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