Younique Splurge Cream Shadow – Review

I’m not normally somebody who uses cream based eyeshadow’s so in all honesty, I was a bit skeptical about wether this would be for me. I received this in my Younique Presenters Kit in the shade ‘Extravagant‘ which is quite a shimmery, warm tone gold. The cream shadow is housed in a small, clear, frosted style pot with a black, shiny plastic lid. It’s design is very simple but I also feel it’s very effective because it just feels great to hold and it also looks great in my opinion. Although the appearence of the product was a hit with me, I wanted to know what the product inside the pot was like and I was actually really intrigued to try this out in the end. It’s really not something I would normally go for makeup wise, i’ve always hated cream shadows because they have this reputation of tending to gather in the eyelid creases which isn’t very flattering. I wanted to see what makes this product so different from all the other cream based eyeshadow’s on the market.

When I unscrewed the lid, the product itself looked so beautiful and shimmery in this delicate little pot. When I tested it out, I found the product to effortlessy blend into a powdery consistency and you can build up the colour as little or as much as you want in the areas required. It’s really pigmented and it’s actually a real pleasure to work with when creating a makeup look.

I love this colour, and I love how buildable the product is without it looking cakey on the eyelids. I think also because it blends from a cream into a powdery consistency, that this helps it look and feel so flawless and smooth. This also allows you to escape that dreaded makeup disaster when the cream product gathers in those eyelid creases. I used the Younique Cream Shadow brush which was also included in my Younique Presenters Kit, to apply this product and I would say the softness and shape of the brush really compliments the Splurge’s velvetty feel. I have got to admit, It’s like applying silk to your eyelids, it feels just as great as it looks to apply and it catches the light so beautifully it’s insane.

This splurge cream shadow has most definatley stolen my heart. It’s so velvetty and beautiful, the person who made this absolute gem of a product, is a stinkin genious. This eyeshadow is ah-may-zinggg and I’ll be definatley investing in a few more of these to add to my forever growing makeup collection.

At this present time, there are 13 shimmer and 6 matte shades available:

Elegant (Shimmer), Dainty (Shimmer), Tenacious (Shimmer), Charming (Shimmer), Dreamy (Shimmer), Noble (Shimmer), Extravagant (Shimmer), Whimsical (Shimmer), Skeptical (Shimmer), Majestic (Shimmer), Assertive (Shimmer), Defiant (Shimmer), Hopeful (Shimmer), Happy (Matte), Victorious (Matte), Amused (Matte), Faithful (Matte), Proud (Matte), & Magnificent (Matte)

The Splurge Cream Shadows retail at £21.00 each so they are on the higher end of the market but they are so totally worth it. I’d definatley say, if you love your makeup and your loving the sound of these lush Splurge Cream Shadows, Shop Splurge Cream Shadow here because you deserve to splurrrrgeeee!

Let me know your favourite Splurge Cream Shadow shade in the comment section below.

*Disclaimer: I am a registered younique presenter and this post contains links to my independent younique website. Please read the full disclaimer for Make It Up Beauty Blog here.

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